Commercial & Living Space NEXT

Commercial & Living Space NEXT


Nikkei Inc. will hold the "Commercial & Living Space NEXT" as a joint project between "JAPAN SHOP", "ARCHITECTURE + CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS" and "LED NEXT STAGE" in the "NIKKEI MESSE: Shop, Office, House & Urban Innovation Exhibition Japan." The project will focus on direction and design of commercial/living space, introducing the related products and services of light, image, sound production that are expected to expand their market in the future as technology advances, as well as the advanced design features on colors and materials that increase added value of commercial/living space, and the products and services that combine functionality and design which correspond to social issues such as aging and labor shortage.

Commercial & Living Space NEXT 2018

March 6-9,2018
Tokyo Big Sight
Range of Exhibits
[Lighting Design-Related]:
LED signboard, digital signage, projection mapping, laser, illuminations light, and other lighting related designing, light control system, interior and exterior integrated lighting construction materials, etc.
Augmented/virtual reality related products and software for spatial design and presentation, projector, video mixer, speaker system, microphone system, etc.
[Spatial Design-Related]:
Quality interior/exterior decoration material, furniture/cabinet/interior, equipment that features colors and materials, software for design and presentation, public art, landscape gardening materials, playground equipment, etc.
[Problem Solving Design-Related]:
Construction materials and facility equipment for shop/housing/building/various facility with combined functionality of elderly people support and design, robot and personal mobility that leads to labor saving, products and services related to commercial/living space featuring regional characteristics and specialties. etc.
Prospective visitors
Architectural and facilities design offices, space designers, Lighting designers, Interior coordinators, General contractors, Subcontractors,Housing makers, Real estate, Developer, building management companies, facility management companies, Trading Companies and Wholesalers, Maintenance agency, Corporate general affairs and property management personnel, Shop design and facilities personnel, government offices, Retailers and Distributors, Building owners, etc.
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