Hotel and Access


Online hotel accommodation reservations can be made directly through the official travel agent website. The hotel names, price, unoccupied status can be also checked.



Airport Bus:

Approx. 65 minutes from Narita Airport. *Approx. 20 minutes from Haneda Airport.
(*running only at times of events)

"YURIKAMOME" Tokyo Waterfront New Transit Shinkotsu:

Kokusai-tenjijo-seimon Station (20 minutes from Shinbashi Station, 8 minutes from Toyosu Station)

Rinkai Line:

Kokusai-tenjijo Station (6 minutes from Shinkiba Station, 13 minutes from Osaki Station)

City Bus:

Tokyo Big Sight Bus Stop (Approx. 35 minutes from Tokyo Station/Approx.30 minutes from Monzen-nakacho Station, Subway Tozai Line/ Approx. 10 minutes from Toyosu Station, Subway Yuraku-cho Line/Approx. 25minutes from Hamamatsucho Station)