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Mortex Color, BealStone: Mineral based coatings. Water resistant, seamless, flexible, and decorative. High resistance, exceptional adhesion and endless choice of tints.
Mortex Etanche: application for foundations, swimming pools, tank

Corporate Information

Address #702, Daiichi Denken Bldg., 2-7-12, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047 Japan
Phone 080-9452-5591

Summary of Business

Originally a wholesaler in specialized construction products, the Belgian family firm BEAL moved into the manufacture of its own range of products in 1980, the ‘BEAL(R) PRODUCTS’ range. This collection consists of around sixty products, offering a response to various types of damp and other specific problems encountered in the building sector.

BEAL possesses two manufacturing sites, a vast storage depot where the products are kept under optimum conditions, and a self-service facility available to customers - most of whom are construction professionals... although the company also serve and advise the individuals.

BEAL's natural trading area is Belgium, but the company also exports to France, Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland, England, Romania, North Africa and even Japan! Moreover BEAL has good professional relations with the United States and Eastern Europe.

In 2010, Beal has invested € 2,5 million for its site based in Fernelmont (Namur) to install its production unit and redevelop storage space and a new showroom.