Exhibitor Information


We will demonstrate our robot, namely Talkbo to let all the participants to touch and try and see the response from our cute Talkbo.
Besides, we will provide information to show how good we are in HK, and our business mode.

Corporate Information

Section Marketing
Address Rm 1010, 10/F, Grand City Plaza, Tseun Wan, Hong Kong
Phone +852-3520-0893
English Native iTeacher, Talkbo welcome for all to partnership with us!
This is our Talkbo, a cute outlook and kids will love it so much
Talkbo and teach and play with kids, bring joys and interests for kids!

Summary of Business

We operate English learning center in HK, for the overall 11 years, we have 44 centers, 1/3 of them are franchisee, while we would like to expand our franchising business outside China. Our teaching team are all native English speaker, and we will train up our franchisee in teaching and operation with our current head teachers and admin supervisors, to assure franchisee could keep high quality as our own center.

Apart from providing excellent teaching, we have also developed an English Native iTeacher, a robotic that can speak and listern to English precisely, to let student to enjoy a 24 x 7 English environment and to practise what they have learnt every lesson in our center.