Exhibitor Information


Retail Food Group will be showcasing four leading Australian brands; Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Donut King, Brumby’s Bakery and Crust. With proven brand systems, these brands are established in their markets with three due to launch in the UK in 2019. RFG is seeking to partner with individuals or companies that align with our core values to expand these brands across the Japanese market.

Corporate Information

Section International Department
Address 1 Olympic Circuit, Southport, QLD 4215 Australia
Phone +61-7-5591-3242

Summary of Business

Retail Food Group (RFG) is a global franchise and coffee business supported by a manufacturing and distribution division. Specialising in food and beverage the company is headquartered in Australia and has been listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) since 2006. RFG has a network of close to 2000 outlets globally across 9 Brand Systems and will be showcasing 4 leading brands at the Japan International Franchise Show. These brands include Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Donut King, Crust and Brumby’s Bakery.
Gloria Jean’s Coffees
Gloria Jean’s is a global success story serving our quality gourmet coffee to over 35 million customers each year, in more than 760 coffee houses across 50 territories.
Gloria Jean’s Coffees sources and roasts its own high-quality Arabica beans in one of our four roasting facilities located across the USA, Australia and New Zealand. Where consumers were once satisfied with a simple cup of coffee, that's certainly not the case anymore. They are looking for quality gourmet specialty coffee, which Gloria Jean's Coffees offers. With research, our product range has evolved alongside globally changing tastes and trends.

Donut King
Donut King is a proven and established brand boasting a 37-year heritage. We make and sell millions of donuts a year! Our family is made up of more than 260 outlets worldwide including Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and we’re brewing up something special soon in Myanmar and the UK.
We owe our humble beginnings to the legendary hot cinnamon donut, which is our signature sweet treat. Our menu offering has since grown to offer a variety of snacks - a range of donuts, hot dogs, coffee, cold drinks and more.
Crust has been delivering premium quality pizzas since 2001 boasting over 155 outlets across Australia, Singapore and soon to open in the UK. Crust appeals to a market that demands the convenience of take-away pizza but doesn’t want to compromise on taste and quality of ingredients. Crust is renowned for constantly reimagining pizza with restaurant inspired, innovative and unique flavour combinations and using the high-quality, gourmet ingredients.
Brumby’s Bakery
Brumby's is one of Australia's most iconic bakeries. With a history of baking fresh bread every day since 1975, it has fostered a loyal legion of customers who buy more than 10.5 million loaves each year. Brumby’s has over 160 stores across Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands.
The brand has firmly cemented its position as one of Australia's most trusted and loved bakeries, specialising in freshly baked bread and bakery goods including, Artisan Loaves, Sweet Cakes, Tarts and Slices, Savouries, Pastries, Gourmet Pies and Sandwiches.