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Exhibitor Information


“A specialty restaurant of Galbi (beef ribs) bowl & Sung Tofu - KANDON(韓丼)” manage by a long-established Yakiniku(Japanese BBQ) in Kyoto. Galbi with secret sauce is fragrant and juicy! Sung Tofu made by homemade soup with fluffy tofu, which is the best collaboration of ingredients' taste! We are looking for partners who would like to bring this fabulous experience to customers together.

Corporate Information

Section Sales Promotion FC Division
Address 70, Kitahata-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 612-8372 Japan
Phone 075-605-8222
Any types of suburban roadside store attract long queues of customer.
"Prepare to queue! Kalbi bowl sells over 400 bowl a day" A hit item which introduced by TV program
Self-service restaurant which is available for small number of people manage a simple operation.

Summary of Business

YARUKI Co., Ltd. starts the business from Kyoto, and then develops 32 stores (including licenses) in Kansai / Tokai area. Also, we have a food processing company in group companies. From food process to shop delivery, it is a business model which allows cockless operation for all stores.