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We currently operate the hair cut salons, the beauty salons and the hair color salons.
Our hairdressing chain has grown more than 300 outlets in Asia.
Hair cut salon - 3QCUT(THANK YOU CUT)
Beauty salon - Merry Merry
Hair color salon - MY PALETTE

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Section Headquarters
Address 2-1-100, Kaminabe, Higashi-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto 861-8010 Japan
Phone 096-213-3911
We'd like to propose the hair color salon as a hairdressing chain.
Hair cut salon - 3QCUT(THANK YOU CUT)

Summary of Business

We are the franchise headquarters of hairdressing business. We create more comfortable shops to take in know-how,system developed in us, and to be available to customers in peace by a united image.
In addition, as the whole chain, we value "the relationship", not only considering the number of the stores and sales , but also understanding a brand concept. To be able to conduct business in better environment, we work on the mutual understanding as one community.
"Unity" is one of the most important things on the chain administration. We must get trust from customers to have them come to our outlet repeatedly. Therefore it is necessary for customers to be able to receive the same service even if someone uses any other store in our chain.
We invest a large amount in the maintenance of systems such as know-how, a product, the technology development, and undertake the difficult duties that it's difficult for the members to perform it alone.For example, gathering information, data management, store instruction,etc. The member utilizes our these systems to be offered definitely and run it.
Because the success of the members who run our brand is a source of our growth, as our company effort, the management support for the members is the key role. In this sense, it may be said that we are in a relation of the coexistence and co-prosperity with the members.