Climate Change Biz

Exhibitor Information


While achieving the small / high basis of sales, is being developed a variety of business the Company, to achieve a completely different style, even up to now in the franchise to your proposal to everyone
Guests can incorporate the feelings of its own, only the necessary things needed Choice can expand the system "customer franchise"

Corporate Information

Section Planning and Development
Address 2-2-10, Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0041 Japan
Phone 06-6358-2100
Customer franchise
"saute spa Rome_ken"
Stabilize the business management "base business"
I specialize in all-you-can-drink self beer in the main

Summary of Business

Belett Co. the food and drink brand "Roma_ken" to the axis to continue to launch from the next to the next, continues to a new proposal to the world interesting! ! We are creating.
That, business development is not known to stay, always in pursuit of fun, it has made up the mechanism and organization to think in our all employees.
That, because there is a lot of brains to pursue the "fun", Belett always evolving, is always company that continues to move forward.