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“ANTIQUE” is the bakery brand of ALL HEARTS CONPANY with products like “Choco-ring” and “Cheese France””. The company has competitiveness in product development, factories delivering bread dough and desert products to its stores nationwide and distinguished VMD for stimulating demands. On FC Show 2019, the company sells bakery products at food court as well as explains ANTIQUE operations.

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Corporate Information

Section FC Business Division
Address Itabashi Office 3-15-15, Maeno-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-0063
Phone 03-5970-4613
Please enjoy ANTIQUE’s unique bakery products, and store atmosphere.
ANTIQUE shops are on the same concept, by same VMD and campaigns. They are improved to fit to changing environments.
Our mission is to provide delicious and exciting bakery products, like “Choco-ring”, “Cheese France”, to customers.

Summary of Business

We, All Hearts Company Inc. aim to realize happiness and rich life of our customers everyday. We not only deliver safe and reliable food products but make continuing efforts to improve the quality of our bakery and sweets products and services for providing the best and incomparably excitement to our precious customers. We started the business in 2002 and now operate both bakery and sweets businesses, where we produce and deliver products and materials to our 139 stores nationwide (107 company stores and 32 franchise stores) at 6 factories. In addition, we have 6 stores overseas through franchisees.

(Bakery business) 87
ANTIQUE branded stores 67 (44 company stores+ 23 franchise stores)
GRANDIR branded stores 9 (8+1)
BENKEI/LE BENKEI branded stores 9 (1+8)
Baguette Rabbit 2 (2+0)
(Sweets business) 52
Love Sweets Antique stores 6 (6+0)
PINADE branded stores 18 (18+0)
PASTEL branded stores 28 (28+0)
Taiwan 6 (0+6)
(bakery 2 + sweets 4)
(Factories) 6

We share our knowhows developed and improved through the operations at our company stores with our franchise stores so that our customers enjoy the products and services at the same level as our company stores. We also expect our important franchisees to realize the sufficient store profits at the same quality level as our company stores. We believe the value of our product is created by not only taste of the products but store cleanness, display and services, and are improving the quality of products, stores and their services everyday.

We expect our customers continue to appreciate value of our product and services, our company and franchise stores generate sufficient profits, and we reinvest the profits to product development and store network expansion. Our efforts to continue the continuing business cycle will create values to our customers, stores, franchisees and all of our stakeholders.