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Introducing our carefully selected food franchises for business opportunities and support the introduction of new business for your success.

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Address 3-17-6-2F, Minamisenzoku, Ota-ku, Tokyo 145-0063 Japan
Phone 03-6315-0398
Introducing our carefully selected franchises.
World Food Franchise Market

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‘World Food Franchise Market’ is operated by Biz Rise Co., Ltd. Founded in 2013, it is made up of professionals who have experience as franchisors, franchisees, and franchise brokers.
In 2014, Biz Rise acquired franchise information website ‘SAGASUFC.COM’ ( which launched in 2008. In the following year, it morphed into the global version ‘’ (

Currently, Biz Rise handles domestic and international business matching.

The domestic franchise market has fluctuated in a short cycle due to external factors such as the Lehman shock and natural disasters. Almost all franchisors, believed to be over 1,300 or more, are now occupied with Non-Food Franchise service systems.

Only low-cost business for individuals became prominent, and opportunities for recruiting franchisees in food services decreased. In order to solve this problem, the World Food Franchise Market was launched by focusing on Biz Rise’s area of expertise.

To build a worldwide network of franchise agents and brokers, to spread solid franchise brands throughout the world…
we believe this is our mission.