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Schmatz is a fast-growing German beer restaurant group, with more than 11 restaurants throughout Tokyo in exciting locations such as Nihombashi Takashimaya and Ark Hills. We have built our own German beer brands which we brew locally and will be central to our franchise business model. We have grown our business from a food truck and now aim to become the World’s number 1 German restaurant.

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Address 6-14-11, Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 Japan
Phone 03-6721-1142
Soon to be the World's “go-to” for delicious and affordable German and beer
SCHMATZ msb Tamachi: an example of our core brand design elements and one the lowest CAPEX requirements in the industry.
Sample menu: a snapshot of our food offering and design materials. Delicious, sizzling and made to share.

Summary of Business

Schmatz was founded in Tokyo by three Germans who wanted to share our country’s delicious German beers and our local comfort foods with the world. We wanted to create modern restaurants where everyone is invited, feels at home and gets treated like family. The Schmatz experience is fun, flavorful and exciting. We brew our own German beers and cook German classics as well as Japanese dishes with a twist.

“Schmatz” is a term in German to describe a sound of happiness – sound to describe the kiss you give your grandma on the cheek, or the sound you make when something is super delicious.

The Schmatz family want’s to make every guest happy. The German word Gastfreundschaft has always been the perfect guideline for us: From the moment you enter through our doors we treat you like a friend who is a guest in our home. Make yourself comfortable, laugh with your friends and enjoy the beer – we’ll take care of the rest!

We strive to be a big happy family and we empower every member to reach their personal ambition and exceed their own potential. We always aim to deliver the very best in all we do. We make our guests feel part of our family, serving delicious food and refreshing beer, carefully sourced, prepared with love and served with a smile.

We welcome you to our cozy, German brewery style restaurant where it’s all about having good beer, good food with good friends. Enjoy a great dining experience that merges the familiar with something new at Schmatz.We have one of the largest German craft beer selections in the country, sourced from a local brewery and served fresh. Our original beers are carefully developed based on the German beer purity law which limits ingredients to water, hops, barley and yeast.

We focus on serving authentic, but approachable German comfort food inspired by Japanese cuisine. From real German sausages and Schnitzels to Garlic Cheese Edamame and German Tartar Fried Chicken, we are proud to offer a range of menu items merging the familiar with something new.