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Without dropping the makeup, in a short time, the effect is much more remarkable than the conventional beauty, it lasts for several days. Contact with customers, no need to acquire professional beauty skill training, exclusive client / server interlocking tablet and speaker operation, treatment table, change clothes, procedure, lotion, water, linen such as towels are unnecessary.

Corporate Information

Section Franchise Show 2019 Division
Address GINZA SIX 13F. 6-10-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Japan
Phone 080-5412-1613
Keeps make&clothes,don't touch,Can eat&drink,immediate skin beauty several days
YUKI-METHOD Facial treatment. Before, after 1 hour, next morning. Change like a different person.
DelSonido Co,Ltd. produces the "Near the station Beauty salon" business model YUKIMETHOD brand logo.

Summary of Business

Business description: YUKI METHOD is a business model of "esthetic and beauty salons near the station" utilizing the CYMATICS RESONANCE (sound resonance therapy) of DelSonido Co., Ltd. production. CYMATICS is a physical term representing a phenomenon in which frequency resonates resonantly with an object, acting sterically and dynamically, and CYMATICS therapy is integrated medical treatment (alternative medicine). During the World War II, a German army discovered it as an acoustic weapon, a doctor who discovered phototherapy for the treatment of jaundice after the war, Dr. Manners of the UK took over the research and a subtle frequency It has been studied and systematized over a lifetime, and clinical research also advances in various parts of the world at present, and it is spreading as healing and disease treatment technique. CYMATICS RESONANCE (sound resonance therapy) is a research and improved technique by Mr. Kazuhiro Matsuda of the representative of DEL SONIDO Co., Ltd., Doctor of medicine at the Tokyo Women's Medical University, Mr. Akira Kawashima, etc. at the time, and existing sympathetic therapy Although only one effect was obtained for one reference sound (frequency), shorter treatment time and synergy effect were obtained by resonant resonance of up to five reference sounds simultaneously in the human body. In the existing esthetic salon, it takes time to treat, such as dropping make-up, but in CYMATICS RESONANCE (sound resonance therapy), it can be operated in a short time without decaying make-up. Furthermore, there is no physical influence given to the skin. We have been able to go to the esthetic salon until now, we will practice a wide range of people, such as those with weak skin, those with resistance to touching the skin, those who are busy with work and parenting and who were unable to spend time on esthetics be able to. You do not choose people. It is an innovative cosmetic method that does not know that demand will stay and is reliable and reliable. About business development: Agency system. Proposing and offering high-quality beauty salons with low funding, competing with existing station front beauty salons. Furthermore, it is an advantage that uniqueity is also high by the unique treatment method. Initial investment is limited to applications of CYMATICS RESONANCE + speaker, fixtures only. It takes less space and store costs are kept to a minimum. The training lasts as little as a week, so you can start a salon in a very short time. The technique has a great advantage of being able to practice from beginners to experienced people without experiences of beauty salon by learning the button operation and the treatment position. Store products (lotions, oils, salt, confectionery, tea etc.) are all offered at YUKI METHOD headquarters, which is a business alliance with DelSonido Co., Ltd. Completely convert payment to electronic money, omit the exchange of cash at the site, improve efficiency of business, build a legitimate compensation system. In addition, as a pioneer of integrated medical beauty, it creates a new treatment space that is not found in existing salons. While receiving treatment, customers can freely operate PCs and smartphones while offering fair trade sweets and drinks carefully selected at YUKI METHOD Co., Ltd. It is convenience and you can create a healing space like stopping by a cafe.
Corporate culture: As a business outlook, we will aim for the fruition of a business that leads to the promotion of humanitarian assets, integrated medicine, holistic medicine, and even the revitalization of the community by CYMATICS RESONANCE.