Exhibitor Information

Greenberry's COFFEE

- small batch, BIG FLAVER
- Home away from home
Because it is a small cafe chain, it has a rich aroma coffee unique to a small amount of roast, handcrafted scones and sandwiches, face-visible attractive services and community-based shop making.

Corporate Information

Section FC Development Division
Address Kadoya Gamoyon Bldg. 3F, 1-13-18, Chuo, Joto-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 536-0005 Japan
Phone 06-6131-8477
The situation of nine stores in Japan and the charm of GreenberrysCoffee
It is an image in the shop in Japan. You can have an inspection etc. anytime.
Faithfully reproduce the taste of the scones and the specialty coffee in the United States of America

Summary of Business

D. K International operates and manages 7 shops in Japan for greenberrys coffee and 2 shops as FC shops.
We also sell EC site for coffee beans and drip bag coffee, selling products of Greenberrys Coffee nationwide.
We are also looking for FC franchise stores and are working to develop Greenberrys Coffee throughout Japan.