Exhibitor Information


Introducing unique Franchisors from Europe, particularly UK and Italy, offering master franchise/license opportunities in the Japanese market, while promoting BRD Consulting's comprehensive professional services to those Japanese franchisors seeking business opportunities(franchising activities) in Europe through its offices in London and Rome with its partner's presence in Tokyo .

Corporate Information

Section Privilege-SDC Japan, Inc.
Address 1-14-10-101, Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0042
Phone 03-3496-2801
Introducing Unique Franchise Concepts from Europe
Mammalena is a new, casual food concept to offer the authentic Italian cuisine in the Region of Romagna style.

Summary of Business

BRD Consulting is a management consulting firm specialized in the development of sales networks, direct or franchise, and the provision of high quality consulting services for the retail and franchise sector in the following business fields such as: location, format, technology and finance, both directly and through alliances.
Business Retail Development pursues its business philosophy to meet the market demand by developing new business concepts both in Europe and abroad.
BRD Consulting provides stress-free services to both European Franchisors/ Licensees and Master Franchisees/Licensees in Japan and Asia via close collaboration with its strategic partner in Tokyo, Privilege-SDC Japan by overcoming lanugage, cultural and business-practice differences.