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March 3-6, 2020 March 3-6, 2020 Makuhari Messe

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Booth No. : FC8507
New brand handled by Doroquia Holatheta, the company that brought to you Freshly Baked Cheese Tart PABLO. Newly opened in May 2019, TAPiCi Tea Stand features cheese milk foam as a delicious addition to a variety of beverages.
Using specially selected cream cheese, the thick milk foam paired with fresh tapioca pearls is the ultimate enjoyment for all.

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Section Overseas Bussiness Development Department
Address 1-16-22, Edobori, nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 550-0002 Japan
Phone 06-6479-3000
TAPiCi, from the company that brought you PABLO, is available for franchise.
A variety of beverages and seasonal menu, featuring the current trend - cheese tea.
Based on the media strategy from our other popular brands, TAPiCi always has a queue of 150 people before its opening.

Summary of Business

TAPiCi Tea Stand, a tea specialty store featuring original cheese milk foam and fresh tapioca pearls.
Bubble tea and tapioca pearls are the current big trends. Pairing them with Taiwan's cheese tea culture, TAPiCi Tea Stand is born. Brought to you by the Doroquia Holatheta, the company behind PABLO Cheese Tarts, TAPiCi is newly opened in May 2019.
Using our in-house crafted cheese milk foam, TAPiCi has created a viral sensation on various medias.
Following the opening of the first store in May 2019, we have additionally developed 5 direct management stores (1 in Tokyo, 3 in Osaka, 1 in Nagoya), 3 franchise stores (1 in Mie, 1 in Hyogo, 1 in Oita), adding up to a total of 8 stores. We plan to open 3 more stores in spring 2020.

Taking a page from our other popular dessert brands, we have developed a strong marketing strategy with enhanced menu for TAPiCi. With seasonal flavours such as chocolate mint for summer, and caramel brulee milk for winter, we have a variety of beverages for all. Not forgetting our signature items, Strawberry Milk, which features pulpy strawberry, and Uji Matcha Milk which uses matcha from Kyoto. With strong experience and operation know-hows, we are able to establish a strong branding position.