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March 2-4, 2022 March 2-4, 2022 Tokyo Big Sight

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Booth No. : FC3063
The air conditioner "King of Air / AT254", which has evidence of 99.88% inactivation of the new coronavirus, is looking for an air conditioner filter sales agent that utilizes antibacterial and antiviral coatings and the internal air circulation and power of the air conditioner. The training and follow-up system is also substantial.

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Section Marketing Department
Address 2-13-4, Yokogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053
Phone 03-5304-8111
Air catalyst coating.
Examples of antibacterial and antiviral coatings on the Kobe Municipal Subway
Family restaurant (Denny's) Antibacterial / antiviral construction example

Summary of Business

Breath Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer with evidence of COVID-19 for the air catalyst "King of Air / AT254".

Originally a house cleaning company, it started as a professional antifungal and antifouling liquid. After making great achievements in mold prevention, there was also a consultation about pollen, PM2.5, influenza, etc., and we will also work on antibacterial and antiviral. As a result, we will obtain empirical data on inactivation of 254 bacteria and influenza A, cat coronavirus, and COVID-19.

Since it is an air catalyst, it is colorless and transparent and can be installed anywhere, regardless of the environmental conditions. The main component, the titania-based ceramic coating agent, is inactivated by the oxidation radical reaction (= air catalyst) with oxygen on the spikes of bacteria and viruses in the air. Bacteria and viruses are decomposed into water and carbon dioxide, which is safe and effective for a long time. Since it is an air catalyst, it is effective for 24 hours without being affected by places where it is not exposed to light, shade, or at night.

It can be coated on most places and objects (excluding cultural properties, art, works of art, precision machinery, etc.), and the average effect of air catalysts is 3 to 5 years.

It has been introduced in a wide range of areas such as public transportation such as trains, buses, taxis, and ships, schools, factories, offices, restaurants, live houses, hotels, temples and shrines.

In addition, the air conditioner filter impregnated with "King of Air / AT254" aims at an air purifying effect by utilizing the internal air circulation of the air conditioner. You can expect indoor air purification. Hazardous substances in the air adhere to the filter, and the antifouling effect of the air conditioner itself is high.

Most of the hires are wide-ranging, including schools, welfare facilities for the elderly, hospitals, restaurants, offices, and general households. With "Let's wear a mask on the air conditioner" as a catch phrase, we are developing visible infection prevention measures.

The deciding factor for both adoption was the evidence of 99.88% inactivation of COVID-19 of "King of Air / AT254" and the activities of the agency. We are developing our business through generous agency training and follow-up.