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March 1-3, 2023 March 1-3, 2023 Tokyo Big Sight

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Booth No. : FC4075
Robo-Done offers the programing education, which ranked third in both the list of things elementary school parents want their children to learn and children want to learn. Robo-Done has a curriculum that draws out children's "like" and sublimates it into learning, developing educational materials with JAXA and electric railway companies.

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Address 5F Shinnakajima Building, 1-9-20, Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 532-0011 Japan
Phone 050-1744-7100
Please look at our unique strategies and high quality teaching materials.
A place of learning where children can be absorbed. Children learn the programming language "python" in five years
a single-model that can meet the needs of customers by focusing on the quality of instructors and the environment

Summary of Business

Children's "like" turns into "learning". They will see the society where their learning will be utilized, realize the "reason for learning," and open up the future on their own. Through programming lessons, Robo-Done is a classroom that fosters the ability to live in corporate with others in a resilient and flexible manner, no matter what kind of society or era comes.
As of 2020, there are about 110 classes in Japan and overseas, with about 4,000 students. Using a unique and thoroughly thought-out curriculum and dedicated learning applications, students can not only acquire programming skills and knowledge, but also problem-solving skills and the ability to produce results in teams through presentations and pair work.

Although programming classes have been ranked high in the list of "things I want my child to learn" for 2020, the number of families actually sending their children to programming classes is still low compared to other after school programs. Most of the programming classes in the world are attached to cram schools or computer schools. However, the more serious you are about delivering education to children, the more limits to the attached model. That's why Robo-Done offers a "single-model" where the programming class is the main source of revenue. The single model is a programming school that thoroughly pursues meeting the needs of customers (parents and children) in terms of location, classroom environment, instructors, and opening schedule. Even if you don't have an existing classroom or have no experience in the programming or education industry, it's okay. In order to ensure that the business can proceed with peace of mind, SVs will support the business from pre-opening to classroom operation, as well as instructor training. Because we have been in the programming business since 2014, when it was not yet mandatory, we can use our know-how to attract more students and provide a sustainable model for programming classes.

Another characteristic of Robo-Done is the strong relationship among member schools. By exchanging information and supporting each other, the member schools are able to strengthen their horizontal cooperation, and are able to provide the same level of support to each other.
The goal is to provide better education to children as soon as possible by spreading good practices to other Robo-Done schools around the world, transcending the boundaries between headquarters and direct management.

Yumemiru Corporation, the company that operates Robo-Done, is a venture company that started with five people, and although it joined the EDION Corporation group in December 2019, the venture spirit that we value has not changed. When the coronavirus outbreak spread in March 2020, we started providing free online content in April, and later, when a state of emergency was declared and school buildings had to be temporarily closed, we developed paid online lessons to replace regular classes, which were provided to children nationwide from May. Under the slogan "Never Stop Learning", all the school buildings across the country worked together to deliver Robo-Done's education to the children, and the rate of recess during the temporary closure was kept below 20%.

If we are going to do programming education, we want to do it seriously, not as a one-sided effort.
For that reason, I want to use a model that can be profitable.
I hope to deliver Robo-Done's education with who can share that mind.

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