Exhibitor Information


- Design Your Future -
Our business domain is to solve business owner’s issues.
There is no category such as business category or occupation category.
If the business owners have tasks on their business, it’s not easy to find each professionals.
We organize optimal teams as your corporate planning office.

Corporate Information

Address 3-17-6-2F, Minamisenzoku, Ota-ku, Tokyo 145-0063 Japan
Phone 03-6315-0398
e-mail info@biz-rise.com
URL https://biz-rise.com/en/
Find your opportunities.
We also have franchise media for foreign franchisors.

Summary of Business

- Franchise -
Introducing franchises as a new business.
We will be consulting direct franchise / mass franchise in Japan and overseas.

- Experience -
We have experiences working with franchisees and franchisee developer and being franchisor.