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We have expanded over 160 shops both in Japan and overseas. Our brand names are "YAMAGOYA", "BASARAKA" and "IKKORYU".
Shop development corresponds to various patterns such as new opening business, diversified management, business style change etc. In order to know more about our brands, we recruit FC franchise shops and introduce the restaurant franchise business.

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Section Overseas Business
Address 552-8, Kagamiyama, Kawara-machi, Tagawa-gun, Fukuoka 822-1402 Japan
Phone 0120-14-8058
e-mail kaihatsu@yamagoya.co.jp
URL http://ys-food.jp/
"Kyushu Chikuho Ramen" is the only taste. Traditional taste is inherited.
"YAMAGOYA" is a log house image. The shop concept is impressive, approachable, easy to enter the shop easily.
"YAMAGOYA" 's most popular menu is MUKASHI RAMEN includes specially-made boiled egg. It's a reprint menu.

Summary of Business

As Kyushu Chikuho Ramen Chain, we have expanded over 160 shops such as "YAMAGOYA", "BASARAKA" and "IKKORYU" both in Japan and overseas.
In 1945, in the area of Chikuho in Fukuoka prefecture, the founder Ogata Masatoshi pursued commitment to fullness, repeated research, repeated trial and error, "Kyushu Chikuho Ramen YAMAGOYA" which is the main brand was born.
"Kyushu Chikuho Ramen" is authentic Tonkotsu ramen born in Fukuoka, but it is not Hakata ramen nor Kurume ramen, which was independently developed ramen.
We have a management philosophy of "to satisfy our customers with a ramen full." Our taste penetrates not only Japan but also overseas.
Our factory has acquired ISO 9001. The sticky ingredients are produced at our factory. Utilizing know-how from the foundation, we realized a kitchen layout and work operation with high work efficiency. The supervisor visits stores at regular intervals, has an educational system such as store management guidance, and is backing up entirely with a reliable and secure system.
While working in cooperation with FC franchisees, we aim to be a company that can develop together, be pleased with customers, contribute to society and the region.