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December 4-5, 2019 December 4-5, 2019 Tokyo Big Sight

Exhibitor Information


Booth No. : IN-180
Proven 3D measurement technology, ICT equipment and ICT in maintenance related to social capital, especially technologies for the utilization of 3D point clouds, are to be exhibited. ICT equipment is for sale and services including technical guidance and support can be provided.

Corporate Information

Section Geospatial Division
Address Itoh Bldg.-2F, 3-6-14 Minamihonmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0054
Phone 06-6282-0310
Technology to employ measured 3D point cloud data for maintenance
Exhibited 3D point cloud utilization technology and proven UAV lasers, handy lasers, etc.
High-speed scanning of paved road surface, automatic analysis of acquired data and automatic analysis of IRI

Summary of Business

In April 2019, Asco Daito Co., Ltd. changed its name to “Nihon Inseek Co., Ltd.” with the aim of becoming a company where diverse human resources gather with further leap and changes in the times.
Nippon Inseek is a comprehensive construction consultant that consists of five business divisions: Transportation Infrastructure Division, Disaster Prevention Infrastructure Division, Lifeline Division, CM Division, and Space Division. The Transportation Infrastructure Division, which consists of roads, city plans, bridges / structures, and surveys and inspections, uses the latest knowledge to ensure safety and security and convenience for diverse needs for cities and roads that support daily life and economic activities. We will work on technical proposals for improving safety and improving the maintenance and sophistication. The disaster prevention infrastructure division, which consists of river sabo, harbor, disaster prevention / environment, ground survey, agriculture and forestry, has reviewed fundamental flood control and waterproofing measures due to abnormal weather in recent years. Aiming to create a “strong society”. The Lifeline Division, which consists of sewerage, waterworks, and electricity, contributes to the efficient and sustainable operation of energy and water and sewage businesses in order to maintain and improve safer, safer and more comfortable living spaces. The CM Division will support the orderer, and our engineers will supplement and support the work of the orderer in light of the shortage of human resources and the increase in work volume. The Spatial Division, which consists of surveying and spatial information processing, is based on the surveying technology cultivated since its establishment, and proposes an information management system that provides advanced information and unifies these information by utilizing various latest technologies to improve efficiency. Contributing.
Since its founding, our company has focused on the surveying field, and has strengths in technologies related to 3D surveying. In particular, it has been highly evaluated in surveying and spatial information processing technology using ICT such as UAV and MMS. Utilizing these ICTs, we have a track record of acquiring spatial information in every situation such as the sky, land, and underground, and all surveys and measurements that required time with the conventional survey methods are realized in 3D in a short time and with high accuracy. Possess technology. In addition, we will develop a system that realizes unified management of these latest acquired data, existing materials, and map data by using GIS, and improve the efficiency and sophistication of research, design, maintenance management, and social infrastructure. Aiming for continuous contribution for the future.
“Inseek” is a coined word of “Insight” meaning “looking ahead”, “looking through” and “Seek” meaning “pursuing”, and is written as “INSIEK”. In addition, there is another meaning: `` IN '' indicates `` Infrastructure '', `` S, I, E, K '' means `` Skill (individual skill) '', `` Innovation (new idea) '', It expresses the four powers of “Energy” and “Knowledge”, and it means that the future of infrastructure is predicted with the four powers and the ideal is pursued. To that end, the engineers who gathered in the five divisions make full use of advanced technology by ICT, support the infrastructure stock cycle, and create a safe and secure life by strengthening the national land. Aim to become a consultant company.