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March 3-6, 2020 March 3-6, 2020 Tokyo Big Sight

Exhibitor Information


Booth No. : JS2133
New registered LUFAS which patent has been registered · international patent application pending improvement of the problem of the internal light type fabric signature. The exhibition includes new frame (100, 75, 45, 20mm), LED, edge rubber. The frame of 20 mm thick is the nation's thinest class with surprising beauty. GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2019 BEST100 winning

Corporate Information

Section LUFAS Department
Address 3-6-5, Tatekawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0023 Japan
Phone 03-6659-5215
Used airport facilities, stores,showroom. GoodDesignAwardBest 100
Patent registered · International patent pending new LED LightBox Softsignage LUFAS. Improved conventional problems.
"Lufus" and "PromoDek" are easily interchangeable in design according to the vehicles on display.

Summary of Business

Largeformatprinting I have been involved in the creation and construction of visual communication tools for over 10 years. Proposal of new interior decoration · glass decoration · event decoration · showroom tool. Planning taking advantage of Lydia Works know-how ~ construction, after-follow. Consultation on planning proposal of decorative print by design / space designer. Consultation including replacement cost and construction method. Consultation that emphasizes quality and cost of interior trade company · glass trader.
The exhibition shows RIDEAWORKS INC.' new thin wall inside lighting LED fabric sign "LUFAS " throughout the booth. "LUFAS" is a new exhibition Visual Decoration. In addition, innovative structures are patent registered and international patent pending. The overwhelming beauty by UV inkjet printing due to our world's highest quality image quality and outstanding presence due to the use of high brightness LED are striking. Regardless of the release date, we received a lot of inquiries and produced the largest domestic