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March 3-6, 2020 March 3-6, 2020 Tokyo Big Sight

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Booth No. : JS2197
All-in one LED Light Wall Display System
Unlimited Design Application = Extend Unlimited Value / Material: France imported pearl flameproof banner
Artistic Modeling Wall (Lumia FD310) (W)420 X (L)187.6 X (H)256cm Artistic Image Modeling with Double Layers of Light Table (Hastia FD417) (W)247 X (L)150 X (H)110cm

Corporate Information

Section International Marketing
Address FL. 5, No. 8, Sec.1, Chung Hsing Rd., Wu Ku Dist., New Taipei City, 248, Taiwan
Phone +886-2-8976-9099
“Aluminum" is time-tested and creates remarkable miracle.
TV Wall System
European Infinity Profile LED Bar System

Summary of Business

A-John was founded in 1988; the representative commodities are ranging from the OEM of precision components, modularization to systematization. Possessed superb hardware design and production experience, moreover to pursue the unlimited outspread of points-lines-planes. It has gone through thirty years that A-John has proved the cold aluminum products can transform into artworks. For the purpose of solving the problem of time-consuming and cost of the commercial spatial migration, setting up the new sites, as well as to overcome the difficulties of the environmental transfiguration, style conversion and the size adjustment of displaying structure; the designers of A-John simply exploit the reassembled and re-used system, which can present a brand new pattern in short time. By way of subverting the conventional decor configuration, which ensuing the initiate fashion trend. A-John changed the formerly complicated assembly process, using LEGO modularization handed disassemble to create changeable and unlimited possibilities. Achieving rapid efficiency value with non-closing of season alternation, following the trend of fashion brands forward. From Indoor Art Image Ceiling LED Light Box System, Commercial Light Wall Display System, Wall Covering System, Huge Art Image Sliding Door System and Outdoor Large Lifting System to House Building Indoor Space with comprehensive integrated application design. A-John “Aluminum” is time-tested and creates remarkable miracle. Keep going to strength the constructing of series commercialization and integration of various professional excellent partners to marketing international high-end market and create a win-win situation. On the basis requirements of different proprietors in the market, surmount traditional cogitations using the revolution & innovation recombine able and reusable LEGO modularization. Excellent craftsmanship and innovative new environmentally friendly systems in the world. Non-stop innovative research and development is our cogitation tenet, we are aspiring leaders, refuse to be followers. These years we gained lots of prizes, such as If Design Award (Germany), Good Design Australia (Korea), A' Design (Italy), IDA International Design Award (America) and International Invention Award (France). Even obtaining more than 100 patent certificates in the international, it can be called the authentic light of Taiwan.