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March 3-6, 2020 March 3-6, 2020 Tokyo Big Sight

Exhibitor Information


Booth No. : JS2163
Lin japan is a porcelain of Arita featuring a metallic texture and a fantastic glow that changes color depending on the viewing angle. The hand-painted technique of traditional craftsmen succeeded in printing on difficult-to-hear paint tiles. We won "BEST IN SHOW" at "NYNOW" last summer. The distinctive coloring gained popularity in New Yorkers. It is a unique tile that direct an "unusualness".

Corporate Information

Section Sales Department
Address 2351-169, Akasakahei, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga 844-0024
Phone 0955-43-2007
Lin japan is a porcelain featuring a metallic texture and a fantastic glow.
Lin tile of Arita ware showing various expressions. Customization is possible due to handwriting by skilled craftsmen.
Lin japan won "BEST IN SHOW" at "NY NOW" (the largest trade show in North America) last summer.

Summary of Business

Kinshodo has been selling Arita porcelain tableware as a wholesaler since 1961. However, after the 400th anniversary of Arita porcelain in 2016, the “Lin japan” brand was newly produced. It was very popular when it was planned and sold. "Lin" is a porcelain that features a metallic texture that is unlikely to be porcelain and a fantastic glow that changes color depending on the viewing angle. The metallic decoration of the surface is performed by hand of Arita ware craftsmen. At present, tableware is being developed mainly at major department stores in Japan. Since 2016, we has been advancing into overseas markets and exhibited four times at "NY NOW" (the largest trade show in North America). Taking into consideration expansion for the US, started producing tiles to advance fields other than tableware, and announced them in the 2018 interior lifestyle. Our booth attracted attention. At that year's "IDM TOKYO 2018", Lin Tile was brushed up and announced with the cooperation of SUPER PENGUIN's Naohisa Takemura. We won the contest. In 2019, Lin Japan's tiles, which became more attractive, were announced at the fourth "NY NOW", and the booth design including the tiles received the highest award, "BEST IN SHOW", by category. Lin Japan was recognized and accepted by the world's most sophisticated New Yorkers.