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March 9-12, 2021 March 9-12, 2021 Tokyo Big Sight

Exhibitor Information


Booth No. : JS1507
We will show 'WLS(Warlon Laminate Solution)' for Washi paper in traditional area in Japan as our new business. WLS provides laminating technology and will make Washi paper more strengthen. We will also show divided spaces with using Warlon products - feel peaceful with soft light.

Corporate Information

Section Sales Department, Head Office
Address 7-21, Chihara-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 453-0011 Japan
Phone 052-451-1456
WLS(Warlon Laminate Solution) for Washi paper in traditional area.
WLS (Warlon Laminate Solution) is a new laminating service for Washi paper maker in traditional area.
For designing safe and peaceful spaces with Warlon - display various ways of dividing spaces.

Summary of Business

【Warlon - The best choice】

Warlon is a manufacturer of laminated shoji / washi paper (Japanese paper) with vinyl chloride resin on both sides. Our products are excellent in durability and flame resistance but preserve their texture and beauty.

As an interior design material, the allure of Washi paper is that it can be used to adjust sunlight and LED light by diffusing and reflecting it to exude a healing, tranquil, and peaceful atmosphere.

While Washi paper is a very alluring interior design material, by interior design material standards, it is prone to tear, stain, and burn, and has low resistance to water, sometimes making it a difficult material to use in modern architectural environments. So we make Washi paper stronger with our technology, which enables designers to use Washi paper in modern interior design creatively.

Warlon has been seeking the universal Japanese sense of style known as "Wa (Japanese style)" since our foundation in1922. We have always been committed to the niche market of translucent Japanese-style resin plates. Our product Warlon is synonymous with strengthened Japanese paper. It has gained high reliability and brand awareness. We develop unique products to realize the Japanese-style space that the customer has in mind, seeking the essence of "Wa". We quickly meet market needs with out motto "Even one, to any place, at any time."