Exhibitor Information


Symlink will feature the flagship AS350 all-in-one payment terminal, AS330 contactless reader, Q35 Plus dual-mode QR-code & NFC reader, AS330 all-in-one mPOS, AS330 UPT (For Kiosk and other unattended terminals) all capable of E-Money functions (Enterprise and Transportation applications), QR-code payments, eWallet (Such as PASMO or Suica cards) and Credit Card payments.

Corporate Information

Section Business Development
Address 6F, No. 13, Lane 35, Jihu Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 11492, Taiwan
Phone +886-2-8797-7996
e-mail franciscowang@symlink.com.tw
URL http://www.symlink.com.tw/symlink/EN/main.html
Live demos: Including NFC Contactless, QR-code, and E-Money Solutions
AS350, all-in-one terminal accepting Swipe, EMV Chip and NFC Contactless payments. PCI and EMV L1 and L2 certified.
AS330 UPT, the perfect payment terminal for all types of unattended payment requirements such as vending machines, kiosk

Summary of Business

SymLink is a well-established firm specializing in high reliable, cost-effective, and innovative all-in-one payment terminals, contactless card readers and QR-code readers. We focus on (but are not limited to) the application of credit/debit cards, E-Money (Enterprise and Transportation applications), gift/loyalty cards, and EMV/NFC mobile payments in several industries (such as banking, retail stores, hospitality, gas stations, transportation, taxi, self-service, healthcare, prepaid and so forth).

With over 18 years being the trusted brand and leading in electronic payments (both products and solutions), SymLink has a numerous range of payment terminal businesses. We have partnered and continue to work with various banks, public transportation companies, and many other partner companies, helping them grow as we continue to share our extensive experience and implement our technology worldwide.