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Introducing Vesca’s two services – “Ark” and “Seeds”. “Ark” is a multi-payment platform for Verifone terminals, and “Seeds” is a payment & ID marketing service for online and offline merchants. Moreover, we display a variety of terminals deliver the extended coverage and flexibility needed to accept payments anytime, anywhere.

Corporate Information

Section Sales Department
Address Kowa Hiroo Bldg. 6F, 5-2-32, Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047 Japan
Phone 03-5422-9211
e-mail vesca-info@vesca.co.jp
URL http://www.vesca.co.jp/
Vesca helps you move towards a cashless future.

Summary of Business

Vesca is the leading provider of payment and ID marketing solutions as a service. We provide the secure and flexible payment management platform partnering with the innovative companies worldwide.
One of our services – Ark, which is a multi-payment platform for Verifone terminals. Our partners such are POS vendors, vending machine vendors and payment service providers can connect to the tools provided on Ark. Our system solutions process a range of payment types, including credit card, E-Money, CUP, prepaid card, and we also provide variety of devices like Countertops & PIN pads, Portable & Mobile, etc. Therefore, merchants can choose from a variety of devices and services based on their needs. In addition, due to our secure payment platform, merchants can accept payments safely and reliably.
Vesca’s another service is Seeds. Seeds is a payment & ID marketing service for online and offline merchants. Merchants can handle various type of payment methods and also simply manage customer IDs. Seeds integrates in-store, e-commerce customer data to deliver a seamless experience for your customers. There are also customizable options that merchants could choose to create the best solution.
Vesca offers high security multi-payment platform and omnichannel solution. Whatever your business needs, Vesca is here to address all these needs and more.