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Retailing industry has been suffering from shortage and excess inventory in ever-changing market. Introducing the software "Symphony" based on TOC (Theory Of Constraints) established by Dr. Goldratt, the author of "The Goal" which is a global best seller. "Symphony" realizes flow improvement, inventory optimization, steady replenishment and effective assortment, according to actual consumption.

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Address Aoyama Bldg.12F, 1-2-3, Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061
Phone 03-5770-8856
From money consuming IT to money making IT.
Can demand forecast depending on AI reduce shortage and excess inventory? Symphony shows you to the real solution.
Symphony will bring you 1. Stock Target Optimization 2. Effective Replenishment 3. Planogram / Assortment Customization.

Summary of Business

"The goal" is worldwide best seller and has remarkable success stories in a wide range of fields. The holistic management theory TOC (Theory Of Constraints) was developed by Israeli physicist Dr. Eliyaf Goldratt, the author of this book. Goldratt Consulting, the world leader in the development and implementation of this theory, aims to lead clients to a company that adapts to any environmental change and continues to produce unprecedented achievements and results in any business activities in the organization.
Goldratt Consulting Japan is a company promoting consulting activities with the motto "Let’s change a company to the place where it is fun to come to work" and "Let’s make Japan a World leading country".