Exhibitor Information


Introducing both full automatic laminator series that is widely used at sales promotion process and relating products to these sales promotion areas. We also suggest new total promotion solution with currently developing new product ideas.

Corporate Information

Section Global Business Division
Address 6-4-11, Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 553-0003 Japan
Phone 0120-30-1544
Suggesting new innovative processing solution for POP production.
Newly developed cost down product following AutoATLAS-14T model.
Unrivaled productivity, A4sized paper production time is only 100pcs/14min.

Summary of Business

(1) Development & Sales
Laminators for Professional Use
Laminators for Personal Use
Laminators for Large Format Printing
Laminating Films
Inkjet Medias
(2) Distribution
Inkjet Printing Systems
Peripheral Equipments of Laminators
Peripheral Equipments of Computers
(3) Others
Lamination Service

To be the leading & exciting company in the world based on our slogan「Change&Challenge」, we have ourselves into global business environment since 2014 because we believe the more Growth we can make it, the bigger CSR we can provide for society with several ways.
Since we really need to change the current way of lamination where manual lamination processing is usual, or unproductive, we have newly launched 「Revo-Office」since DRUPA2016 that helps people laminate automatically, through which we are going to provide new solution to the world.