Exhibitor Information


As a PCIP2PE solution provider, we exhibit payment solutions supporting cashless, including card settlement terminals made by Miura System.

Corporate Information

Section Payment Division
Address Shoei Rokubancho Bldg., 6, Rokubancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0085 Japan
Phone 03-6256-9628
e-mail npy@netmove.co.jp
URL https://www.netmove.co.jp/en/
Exhibit payment solution supporting cashless
Acquired PCIP 2PE solution provider certification in October 2017
Miura Systems made payment terminal. EMV level 1, level 2 compliant, PCI PTS certified. Remote key injection support.

Summary of Business

Netmove is launched as a credit card payment substitution project for ISP in 1995 when the Internet came into the diffusion period in the world. From there the mechanism of online payment and the foundation of operation are created, leading to the current development. We inherited this business and established as a business company of Internet related services including site creation and application development. Since then, in order to play the foundation of exchanges and commercial flows through information technology, we have also advanced into fields such as security and mobile, and are providing various services. The settlement service is customized and provided according to the needs. We respond to payment instruments that match customers' sales products and sales forms, such as sales of goods and contents, service services where monthly usage occurs.