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Locarise help retailers and shopping facilities optimizing their processes through people counting and retail analytics with IoT and AI solutions. Modern people counting technology by Xovis hardware, dwell time tracking and hot spot analysis give retailers metrics to optimize and benchmark their operations.

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Address 1-7-21, Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0093
Phone 03-6868-3892
We are reinventing physical space intelligence.
Our dashboard gives you an easy and instant understanding of your businesses on real time by generating AI report.
Locarise provides 3D PC series based on highly accurate 99% solution.

Summary of Business

Locarise provides its customers with unique insights into physical spaces. We identified a challenge faced by the bricks and mortar world of gathering comprehensive data by traditional methods. Locarise assists customers in accessing the blind spots of retail outlets, shopping malls and venues.

Locarise connects different sources of existing and new data into one unified platform with far-reaching learning capabilities. Our Wi-Fi product suite serves as a powerful marketing tool through accessing visitor demographics and establishing valuable lines of visitor communication. The ability to follow visitor journeys and understand footfall patterns is indispensable data for operations, logistics and business strategy. More importantly, this data can guide development to improve how visitors interact with physical space and optimize their satisfaction.