Exhibitor Information


1. SPAY-6100
All-in-one multi-pad that is equipped with the latest NFC reader/writer module conforming to NFC standard and supports contact IC, host and communication functions.
2. SPP-100G
Compact multi-pad with pin pad type that support MSR, IC, NFC reader/writer functions.
3. NFC module
NFC module that can be mounted into various devices with customized sizes meeting customers' needs.

Corporate Information

Address Level 3, Sanno Park Tower, 2-11-1, Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6162
Phone 03-6205-3466
e-mail inquiry@scspro.co.jp
URL http://www.scspro.co.jp
Various terminals with highly secured certifications and safer payment.
1. Contact/Contactless IC and MSR card payment.
2. PCI PTS 4.1 certified
3. Bluetooth wireless communication
1. Contact/contactless and smart payment
2. Electronic signature, Pin entry, Barcode reader
3. Waterproof

Summary of Business

■ Business description

1. Hardware development
Development and production of contact / contactless (RF & NFC) smart card reader, payment terminal, various interface, control module, OEM chipsets, etc

2. Software development
Development of multi-pad application, driver, smart payment solution and secured payment solution.

3. Payment and certification related consulting service
Certification management and consulting service of EMV (L1 & L2), RF EMV, PBOC, PayPASS, PayWAVE, PCI etc.

4. Supply of Gemalto chips
Supply of OEM chipset, module and computer link / reader as a value added reseller of Gemalto since 2003.

■ Our best value
We will do our best to seek the following values thru our experience, technical skills and willingness.
The exact product meeting customers' requests.
Service and solutions customers need
Supply at the exact time when customers requests.

■ Our experience
SCSpro has experienced lots of various projects with contact, contactless payment related government agencies and distribution channels.
Projects for more than 200 customer sites and 80 companies are underway every year.

■ Our technology
SCSpro has developed reliable payment terminals together with R&D researchers with the best technical capabilities and various experience.
SCSpro has implemented lots of projects concerning various certifications such as EMV L1, EMV L2, RF-EMV L1, and RF-EMV L2, etc

■ Our will & attitude
SCSpro is doing its utmost efforts to satisfy requirements from customers and markets.
SCSpro is making every effort to provide the best solutions with the right places at the right time.