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March 3-6, 2020 March 3-6, 2020 Makuhari Messe

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Booth No. : RT5209
Viscovery will showcase the cutting edge AI-enabled Visual Checkout solutions which includes Bakery/Cake/Food/Fruit/Packaged Product Visual Checkout with various hardware integration such as POS Weight Scale, Cashier-Assisted Checkout system and Self-Checkout system. Moreover, Viscovery will demonstrate how store owners can update new product SKUs on the spot by simply adding five photo images.

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Address 11F., No. 92, Sec. 5, Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan
Phone +886-2-2528-8189
AI-Enabled Visual Checkout for Bread, Cake, Food, Fruit and Packaged Products.
Viscovery Visual Checkout solution can be adopted for both standalone self-checkout system and a cashier-assisted system
Viscovery Visual Checkout solution is able to recognize bread, cake, food, fruit and packaged products

Summary of Business

Viscovery is a leading AI company that focuses on providing Vision AI solutions using the latest computer vision and deep learning technologies. Established in 2013, Viscovery's research and development team, based in Taipei, Taiwan, consists of seasoned computer scientists and engineers with expertise in Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Viscovery has partnered with and provided solutions to leaders in the Retail and E-Commerce industries in both domestic and overseas market. Viscovery has been ranked as "successful and innovative" by Google in 2013, and been selected as one of the 10 coolest Taiwan startups by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2018.
Viscovery Visual Checkout solution can recognize non-packaged products such as bread, fruit, food, and packaged products as well. Just simply place multiple items under the camera and push the "confirm" button to checkout, the items, quantity, and price of the purchase will be shown within 1 second. It is more efficient and convenient than the conventional checkout way—scanning the barcodes or recognizing the non-packaged products by eyes and key in POS systems one by one—which helps stores get rid of long queues during rush hour.
Viscovery Visual Checkout solution can be adopted for both standalone self-checkout system and a cashier assisted system in which Viscovery's solution helps to automate the identification of products operated by a cashier.
Key strengths of Viscovery Visual checkout solution include:
1. High Recognition Accuracy: Viscovery visual checkout recognition technology can distinguish the fine grain details in product natural appearance, for example, between different bread type and breads of the same type. Even minute differences such as differences in toppings, such as red beans versus sesame, can be detected and recognized. In addition, Viscovery's recognition engine can also detect products accurately, even when the products are partially blocked or when they are under different lighting environments.
2. Low Upfront Investment: Viscovery's visual checkout solution can easily be integrated with existing POS systems. Store owners can add AI recognition to existing POS system by simply adding a low-cost 1080P webcam.
3. Ease of Operation: Viscovery provides an integrated product management system for the addition of new product SKUs to the checkout system. The management system can be operated by a product manager at either headquarters or in-store. The addition of new SKU requires only 5 images to be collected and trained.
4. Optimization of Performance– Once in operation, Viscovery will continue to optimize and improve recognition accuracy by collecting and examining past checkout results. The recognition model will essentially learn from past checkout errors and correctly recognize the products in the future.
In addition to Visual Checkout solution, Viscovery also provides Visual Search and Automated Product Tagging service for e-commerce. Visual Search breaks the limitation of text search and allows shoppers to find the exact or visually similar products by merely taking or uploading the product photo. Automated Product Tagging solution helps e-commerce recognizes and categorizes products according to their features, replacing the conventional and time-consuming way to tag products manually. Viscovery also provides Visual Analytics solution to both physical retailers, helping analyze and garner their customers' demographics and full shopper journey to optimize the marketing strategy in an effective way.
Currently, Viscovery Visual Recognition solutions have been widely adopted by both physical and online retailers, assisting retailers to enhance operational efficiency and customers' shopping experience.
Viscovery's Mission: We Simplify the Adoption of Computer Vision AI Solutions for Businesses.