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Please print out an invitation ticket available after completing registration and bring it at your visit to the show. Please fill out the form in English or Japanese. Residents of EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway shall not register through this form, but register directly on-site instead at the "OVERSEAS REGISTRATION" counter with a business card or by filling out the prescribed documents to proceed the registration process.
If you let exhibitors read the QR code on your invitation ticket, your personal information (email address, name, company name, department, job title, zip code, address, telephone number) and questionnaire information such as industry will be provided from the organizer to the exhibitor after the exhibition. Therefore, please note that reading the QR code at booths means provision of personal information to the exhibitor. For the purpose of using personal information by exhibitors, please contact each exhibitor. In addition, please refrain from letting others use your invitation ticket as it may lead to improper transfer of personal information.