March 12-15, 2024
Tokyo Big Sight

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Started as an expanded version of the construction materials division of JAPAN SHOP in 1995, ARCHITECTURE + CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS has been held every year since then. It has now grown into a comprehensive exhibition of materials and other related products indispensable for building various architectural structures in the city. The comprehensive range of exhibits includes all construction materials for housing, stores, commercial and business buildings as well as related systems and equipment.

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March 12-15, 2024


Tokyo Big Sight, East Hall (3-10-1 Ariake,Koto-ku,Tokyo)

Range of Exhibits
<General Construction Materials and Related Products Zone>
  1. Interior / Exterior decorative materials
    Plywood and Fiber boards, Decorated plywood, Wall and Ceiling covering, Tiles / Stone, Bricks, Metallic and Ceramic siding, Curtain walls, Glass, Interior finishes, etc.
  2. Flooring
    Tiles, Flooring, Barrier-free and OA flooring, Deck plates, Floor heating, Coated flooring, Flooring materials, Tatami mats, etc.
  3. Roofing / Ceilings
    Metallic and Slate roofing, Roofing tiles, Rain chutes, Crest tables, Roofing materials, etc.
  4. Doors and Opening parts
    Doors, Automatic doors, Window sash, Shutters, Partitions, Stairs, Handrails, Grilles, etc.
  5. Supplementary materials
    Films, Paints, Coating materials, Adhesive / Sealant, Gaskets, Repairing materials, Architectural hardware, Screws, etc.
  6. Construction materials and Functional materials
    Foundation/Structure support materials, Fire prevention and proofing, Acoustic absorbent / Noise reduction, Thermal insulation, Water proofing / Moisture-proof materials
  7. Other materials
  8. Interior
    Carpets, Flooring, Curtains / Blinds, Wall covering, Furniture, Other interior materials
  9. Landscape/Exterior
    Canvas related (Canvas,Tents,Sheets,Awnings,Screens,etc.)Pavement (Pavement materials, Drainage / Grilles for roadside trees, Road marking materials, etc.), Lighting / Signs, Shelters (Gates / Walls / Fences, Outdoor shelters, etc.), Furniture (Outdoor furniture, Decorative hardware, Toilets, Bollards, etc.), Public art (Monuments, Art objects, Wall paintings, Relief, etc.), Greenery systems, Landscaping materials / Play ground equipment and other exterior materials
  10. Software
    CAD / CG, Software for cost estimation and management, Databases, etc.
  11. Design / Construction related
    Drawing products, Measurement machines, Tools, Construction techniques, Home repair / improvement systems, Prefabricated structures, Construction related goods and service, etc.
  12. Facility equipment
    Air conditioning / Ventilation equipment, Water heaters, Solar heating, Kitchen Appliances, Bathroom / Bath accessories, Plumbing equipment, Elevators, Lighting, Disaster prevention equipment, Mailboxes, Home automation devices, Parking facilities, etc.
  13. Energy Saving, Energy Creation and Energy Storage Materials / Facilities
    Heat insulating, heat shielding, well shielded material / paints, Natural ventilation system, Roof & Wall greening, Natural lighting system, Cool & Heat storage materials, Energy management system, Solar power, Fuel battery / Rechargeable battery, Others
  14. Smart Home-related IoT devices and electrical equipment
    AI speakers, remote devices, IoT platforms, electronic locks, smart appliances, connected kitchen equipment and homes, wireless power supply and power generation equipment, building materials, ZEH-related equipment, etc.
  15. Earthquake Resisting Device / Materials / Service
    Quake resistant materials and Reinforce member, Vibration Control and Base isolation system and method, Earthquake countermeasure facilities and service, etc.
  16. Information / Publishing / Consulting / Franchise recruitment
  17. Others

< Architectual DX and Solution Zone >
On-site construction management systems, matching apps for human resource services, and digital technologies such as drones
Work equipment that enhances productivity and safety, including products and services that use digital technology
Temporary building materials such as containers, robots, scaffolding, curing sheets, temporary enclosures, guard fences, etc.
Field work supplies such as helmets, work clothes, safety shoes, etc.

< Wooden Structure Building Zone >
Construction material and parts for wooden structure building, Wooden building construction method and hardware, Coating material for wood, Furniture, Various wood products for interior and exterior use, CLT building materials, etc.

< Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Building Materials Zone >
Waterproofing materials and moisture-proof materials as structural and functional materials. Roofing materials and opening with increased windproof and waterproofing functions in addition to mouth components, materials such as moisture permeable tarpaulins, water-stopping plates, sandbags, power generation and power facilities and management systems, etc.

< Antimicrobial, Antiviral and High Functionality Building Materials Zone >
Antimicrobial, antiviral, photocatalyst technology application products, coating agents, exterior and interior building materials, Glass, film, air purification and water purification, self-healing, humidity control, antifouling, antistatic, antistatic Introducing building materials with high functionality such as heat, deodorization, fireproofing and fire prevention, and soundproofing

< Comfortable Living Space Zone >
Built-in garage, sauna room, music room, workspace, theater rooms, fireplaces, fitness/gym rooms, tea rooms, cabins, etc.
Housing design, building materials and services. Soundproof materials, sound-absorbing panels, partition doors, space-saving Products and building materials, such as a base-type desk, and new products that combine comfort and design.
Construction and renovation proposals, etc.

< Condominium Management and Remodeling Zone >
Large-scale repair work, repair of water supply and drainage pipes, air conditioning, lighting, etc., equipment such as security system, communication network, construction management plan, planting, non-life insurance, maintenance / inspection, consulting, remodeling services and building materials, etc.

< Sustainable Facade Design & Technology >
Building materials for facades (lumber/wooden material, aluminum, carbon fiber, metal lighting, etc.), opening materials such as windows and doors, exteriors, signs, lighting, etc.
related building materials, components and products. Photovoltaic power generation system, parts, etc.

Prospective visitors
  1. Building / Design Office (Architect)
  2. Contractor
  3. Housing maker
  4. Real estate, Developer
  5. Trading company, Wholesaler
  6. Material, Fixture and Furniture suppliers
  7. National / Local government
  8. Distributor (Retailer, Service Industry)
  9. Maintenance agency
  10. Outsourcer (Building owner)

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