SECURITY SHOW is Japan's largest comprehensive exhibition of security and safety industry. It showcases a wide spectrum of products, technology, systems and services to protect offices, store, public facilities and homes from crimes, information leakage and other hazardous conditions. Its exhibits include video surveillance systems, access control systems, information security systems and many security related products.

General Information

Exhibition Name

SECURITY SHOW 2017 (25th edition)


March 7-10, 2017
10:00-17:00 (16:30 on the last day)


Tokyo International Exhibition Center
East Hall 3,7,8

Admission Fee

\2,000 (Free with online registration, TAX incl.)

Number of Visitors

130,000 expected (including visitors to RETAILTECH JAPAN)

Show Scale

201 companies, 668 booths (1 booth unit is 9 sq.m)

Range of Exhibits

[General Security Zone]

  1. Integrated Security Systems
  2. Video Surveillance
  3. Access Control / Biometrics
  4. Locks
  5. Alarms
  6. Anti-Terrorism Measures
  7. Home Security
  8. Cyber Security

[Network Camera and Cloud Storage Zone]
Network Camera, NVR, VMS, Storage, Networking Equipment, Video Content Analysis, Cloud Services for Network Cameras, VSaaS

[Office Security Zone]
Document Security, Document Digitization, Access Control, Security Cabinet, Safe, Key Management, Information Leakage Countermeasure

[Image Processing Technology EXPO]
Industrial Camera, Image Sensor, Lighting, Optic, Image I/O Unit, Image Recognition System, Image Processing Unit/Software, Drone, VR, Image Transfer System

[Retail Security Zone]
Video Surveillance System for Shops, Cash Management, Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), Security Gate, Security Tag, People Counter, Security Guard, Stock Management

[Disaster Prevention Zone]
Earthquake Countermeasure, Stockpile, Generator, Fire Alarm, Emergency Communication Device, Safety Confirmation System, Business Continuity Plan

[Information Security Zone]
Targeted Attack Countermeasure, Information Leakage Countermeasure, Vulnerability Management, Antivirus Method, Anti-Span Method, IT Asset Management, Mobile Device Management, Network Management, Security for IoT Devices, Cryptograph

[Car Security Zone]
Theft Prevention Device, Vehicle Operation Control, Drive Recorder, Tachograph, On-Vehicle Communication System, Alcohol Detection

[Smart Home Zone]
Home Automation System, Smart Lock, Home Security Camera, Alarm and Sensor for Self-Monitoring, Door Phone, Hub and Gateway, Healthcare Monitoring

Prospective visitors

Chief Security Officers, Civil Defence Officials, Facilities Managers, Financial Managers, Risk Managers, Home Front Security Officials, Ministry of Home Affairs Officials, Defence Officials, Physical Security Specialists, Police Officials, Security Enforcement Agencies, Security / Loss Prevention Managers, Systems Engineers, Network Engineers.


Nikkei Inc.

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