September 29-30,2020
Ikebukuro Sunshine City



The JAPAN INTERNATIONAL FRANCHISE SHOW is one of the biggest franchise exhibitions and earned one of the most respected names in food and beverage franchise in Japan. In the exhibition, a variety of services such as the needs of aging society, home food, product deliveries and so on are featured. A large number of distributors, investors, and investing institutions interested in overseas brands gather for the JAPAN INTERNATIONAL FRANCHISE SHOW from all over the place in JAPAN. We highly recommend you to participate the show in order to expand your business in Japan. The JAPAN INTERNATIONAL FRANCHISE SHOW promises to be an outstanding opportunity for everyone interested in meeting the business challenges of the future.
For more detail, please refer to the application form in PDF, posted on the website.

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September 29(Tue.)-30(Wed.), 2020


Ikebukuro Sunshine City
(Bunka Kaikan Building, Exhibition Hall D)

Range of Exhibits
  1. Franchisers (l.Food 2.Retail 3.Service) seeking master franchisee candidate in Japan or Asia
  2. Products, equipments, systems and services for franchisers
  3. Franchise consulting, information services and publications of franchise business
Prospective visitors

We expect visitors from the following types of Japanese companies, individuals and some Asian companies:

  1. Managers and executives from companies that are considering tie-ups with overseas franchise companies or that are seeking new businesses.
  2. Companies and organizations that are considering to secure master franchise rights.
  3. Corporations and individuals that are planning to diversify their businesses.
  4. Franchisers that are planning to open more shops or diversify their businesses.
  5. Individuals that want to start their own businesses.

Nikkei Inc.

Special Cooperation

Japan Franchise Association


Overseas Contact Office
Congrès Inc.
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