International Lighting Design Seminar ENLIGHTEN ASIA + LIGHTING FAIR

Date & Time: 10:00 a.m.‒4:30 p.m., March 8-9, 2017
Venue: Room 101/102, 1F, Conference Tower, Tokyo Big Sight
Fee: JPY2,500/session (tax included, please pay at reception in cash)
※IALD or JLMA member: JPY1,500/session ※Student: JPY1,000/session
Organizers: IALD Japan, JLMA, Nikkei Inc.

How to apply:
Please e-mail us at BY FEBRUARY 28 with your name, e-mail address and seminar session code (ex., EL1).

*Simultaneous interpretation in English and Japanese available.

S=Speaker / M=Moderator
Room 101 Room 102
Mar. 8
The Qualities of the Night (or why we need darkness as well as light)

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light." Plato My talk will examine the role that light plays in our cities and towns, and how we can begin to get the balance right between our need for illumination and the need to retain darkness in our lives. It will consider the qualities of the night and answer the question: 'How can lighting designers help society become more aware of the challenges presented by the growing use of artificial light?'

S: Mark Major, Principal, Speirs + Major, Lighting designer, Architect
M: Kaoru Mende, Principal, Lighting Planners Associates
The Origins of Architectural Lighting Design: The Remarkable Achievements of Edison A. Price

Architectural lighting design first emerged as a vocation on east coast of the United States around 1950. Edison Price, who developed innovative lighting devices such as the Darklite and the wall washer, freed spaces from the presence of light sources and lighting fixtures, and overturned conventional concepts of decorative lighting design. Takeshi Konishi, Kengo Kuma, and Kaoru Mende, who knew Price during his life, will comment on the remarkable achievements of those times.

S: Takeshi Konishi, Principal, Architectural Lighting Group
M: Kaoru Mende, Principal, Lighting Planners Associates
Lighting and Pediatrics

If we consider the lighting environments that children live in, many issues present themselves for attention. Consider the impact of light sources on health, in terms of sleep and the visual environment. Lighting environments have psychological effects on people's lives. The speaker will discuss the role of thoughtful, comfortable lighting in living environments from a pediatric perspective.

S: Manami Honda, Doctor, Pediactric Specialist, Mikuri Kids Clinic Directory
M: Chiaki Murazumi, President, spangle
Analyzing the Architecture of Light

Why do architectural spaces embraced by the term "architecture of light" fascinate us? Join Professor Yoshizawa, who studies light from an architectural perspective, to explore analytical data based on actual measurement values of light phenomena at sites renowned for their architecture of light in Japan and abroad, and broaden and enrich your lighting design horizons.

S: Nozomu Yoshizawa, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Architecture Faculty of Science and Technology Tokyo University of Science
M: Hisae Nozawa, Director, Reiko Chikada Lighting Design Inc.
Scotopic Nightscapes: simplicity as freedom from unnecessary complexity

This presentation will discuss our particular design approach - philosophy in the application of lighting in hypersensitive nocturnal and cultural environments. The analysis will consider cultural context, architectural objectives, artistic expression and environmental parameters in order to establish aesthetic criteria for lighting intervention. Emphasis will be given to the psychophysical properties of our visual system on the threshold between the scotopic and mesopic range. The theory will be supported by a case study of a lighting intervention in the Cyclades, a group of Greek islands in the Aegean Sea.

S: Athanassios Danilof, Architectural Lighting Designer, Studio Athanassios Danilof
Aleksandra Stratimirovic, Light Artist
M: Tatsuya Iwai, Principal, Iwai Lumimedia Design
From Illuminance to Luminance: Evaluating Spaces by Their Sense of Lightness

In spatial design, illuminance has long been used as an indicator for calculating and assessing brightness. Driven by trends toward efficient energy use and the pursuit of comfort, a shift towards luminance is now under way. This session will outline ground-breaking methods from luminance research and discuss the future of lighting environments.

S: Kotaro Hirate, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Architecture, University of Tokyo
M: Ryuichi Sawada, Principal, Sawada Lighting Design & Analysis Inc
Emotional design and its role in lighting design

This theory has spawned an algorithm to design lighting concept, which includes the following steps: objects and users analysis, period of use; determination of required lighting scenarios and composition of an appropriate emotional and visual essence; selection of lighting modes required to achieve the desired emotional reaction. Based on these steps a lighting designer selects an appropriate type and method of illumination and chooses necessary equipment for concept implementation.

S: Sergey Sizy, Head of lighting design school LiDS, Lighting design school LiDS
M: Tatsuya Iwai, President, Iwai Lumimedia Design
The Cutting Edge of Retail Lighting

The speakers will examine the transformation of commercial architecture with a focus on retail stores among commercial facilities, and explore, from various perspectives, the very latest advances in lighting for tenant and public spaces. We often see lighting used to decorate retail spaces in keeping with the preferences of the times, or of certain generations. Lighting design in the present, now that LED has become a mainstream light source, and in the past and future will be considered.

S: Shigeki Tarumi, President, RAYDESIGN INC.
Izumi Okayasu, President, Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design Office
Akira Kajiwara, Executive Officer, GARDE USP New Business Division & Large Development Division
M: Hiroshi Naiki, President, NAIKIDESIGN.INC
Mar. 9
An Outsider's View of Future Issues and Prospects in Lighting: Seeking New Forms of Lighting Business

LED advances in the lighting industry seem to have abated, and the quest is on for new products. New elements such as colors and images are being demanded in lighting design. Although the closely-related construction industry is showing signs of an upturn in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, there is no denying that its future beyond that time is uncertain. The speaker will analyze these trends from an outsider's perspective and explore new directions for the lighting industry.

S: Toshihiko Tanizaki, Senior Consultant, LiB Consulting Co.,Ltd.
M: Tatsuoki Nakajima, President, Nakajima Tatsuoki Lighting Design Laboratory Inc.
The Latest Trends in Hotel Design

Japan's first hotel construction boom occurred around the time of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Fifty years on, Japan is now experiencing its fifth hotel construction boom, with hotels popping up in various guises, and new hotel styles appearing. Kazumasa Tarumoto, a hotel construction client, and Taro Tanno, a consultant, will be asked to discuss whether there are styles of hotel suited to the future of Tokyo. The discussion will explore lighting design directions required by new hotel styles.

S: Kazumasa Tarumoto, Senior Staff Member, TOKYU LAND CORPORATION Hotel Business Department Hotel & Resort Business Divison Wellness Promotion Unit
M: Atsushi Kaneda, Principal Lighting Designer, WORKTECHT CORPORATION
Images and Lighting Design

Advances in LED capabilities and digital technology are leading to widespread use of images in contemporary lighting design, as epitomized by media facades. Such installations feature a diverse range of content, including lighting that changes interactively or according to seasons or times. This seminar will examine the future of the rapidly-developing "images and lighting design."

S: Osamu Tomosue, Creative Director, OSAMU-STYLE
M: Kentaro Tanaka, Director, Lighting Planners Associates
Conscious and Unconscious Sight and Taste

Like lighting, food is a familiar part of and inseparable from our lives, and this field has seen major changes in recent times. Food researcher Sachiko Kata has been invited to speak about conscious and unconscious sight and taste.

S: Sachiko Kata, Food Expert
M: Masanobu Takeishi, Lighting Director, Illumination Of City Environment
The Latest Advances and Trends in Lighting for Medical Care

Advances in hospital lighting are already under way to meet the needs of the latest medical care. This session will explore trends from a broad range of perspectives, from lighting for doctors and other medical staff to soothing lighting techniques for patients. Panel discussion will include insights from hospital design specialists and representatives of medical equipment development companies concerning the latest lighting techniques such as light source wave length design and the lighting environment required in the future.

S: Satoru Nakaoka, Principal Architect, K.ITO Architects & Engineers Inc.
Jun Masuda, President Director, CENTRAL UNI CO., LTD.
M: Miki Matsushita, Lighting Designer, Miki Matsushita Lighting Design Co., Ltd.
Lighting and Regional Revitalization

Regional revitalization efforts that seek to energize all of Japan by creating attractive regions are among the most important themes in contemporary society. In this session, presenters with records of achievement as producers of regional revitalization initiatives around the country will speak about the methods and secrets of creating vibrant and appealing regions. They will also consider the role of lighting in these processes.

Masahiro Katagishi Chief Planner, Nihonkai Consultant Co.,Ltd.
M: Shiho Nagamachi President, LEM DESIGN STUDIO
Achieving Complexity through Simplicity - A Dan Flavin Inspiration

This renovation project, where a warehouse turned into a Children's Activity center, has spatial volumes conceptualized by visual sequencing of colors, where single color is applied to floor, walls and ceiling planes and vibrantly framing interesting views. Architect's brief was to only use generic products from a local hardware store and apply simplistic approach that echoes creatively strong visual statement. Dan Flavin's Light art, that describes the beauty of a simple fluorescent strip and the creative possibilities, was the lighting design inspiration. The design exercise examined varied configurations that attributes volume definition and addresses the interspatial transition and relationship.

S: Anusha Muthusubramanian, Founder and Principal, Lighting Spaces
M: Tatsuya Iwai, Principal, Iwai Lumimedia Design
Use of Crowd Funding for Illumination of Shuon-an Rock Garden

The gardens of the temple master's dwelling at Shuon-an Temple are leading examples of an Edo-era rock garden. The south garden features a magnificent bed of white sand planted with satsuki azaleas and Japanese sago palms that takes full advantage of the surrounding landscape. The speaker will describe how crowd funding was used for an illumination plan that communicated the importance of this borrowed landscape, and the ideas and processes that led to achievement of the plan.

S: Soko Tanabe, Vice priest, Shuon-an "Ikkyuji temple"
M: Taketoshi Harada, President, homura Lightscape Design
Wearable Light

Erina Kashihara is a light artist who has taken up a host of challenges in designing wearable light creations. In this session, she will unravel the conceptual and practical aspects of these challenges, and survey new developments in light. A catwalk presentation by models will provide a sensory glimpse into the world of wearable light fashions, showcasing a variety of expressive forms and several new discoveries.

S: Erina Kashihara, LIGHT MODE Artist, K-onespace
Model Masako Amano, Nayuta Kouda
M: Hiromi Tomiya, Principal Lighting Designer, Lightscape Design Office
The Role of Lighting Designers in a Post-LED World

Andrea, who is president of the IALD Education Trust Board as well as carrying out high-level work in her own lighting design company, and Edinburgh-born Kevan, winner of Lighting Designer of the Year in the 2013 Lux Awards in recognition of his highly original and sustainable designs, will talk about the role of designers in ten years' time, offering hints on what's next after high-tech approaches have run their course.

S: Andrea Hartranft, Principal, Hartranft Lighting Design
Kevan Shaw, Design Director, Kevan Shaw Lighting Design
M: Reiko Chikada, Principal, Reiko Chikada Lighting Design Inc.